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What are we all about?


Our customers are those who require a Subject Matter Expert to explain the details of their complex solution -- Engineers, scientists, consultants, specialists -- Whatever you happen to call them. We collectively refer to them on this web site as presales professionals (Sales Engineers).


Our mission is to help our clients reduce their cost of sales and increase their revenues by improving the productivity and sales effectiveness of their Sales Engineers.  We accomphish that by delivering one of the premier presales focused professional development programs in the industry; SEskills.  


Since 1997, thousands of pre-sales professionals have been through SEskills representing the entire spectrum, from Fortune 100 companies to new start-ups.  Industries include hi-tech, materials, chemicals, manufacturing, pharma, medical devices, etc.   Hard goods, soft goods, and applications;  4 SEs to 4000 SEs;  1 location to 201 locations.


SEskills - By SEs, For SEs 


SEskills has been developed by pre-sales professionals who have tens of years of real in field experience. Delivery of the program to your team will be done by a former presales professional as well. They will be someone who brings years of battle hardened presales experience to the table from both an individual contributor as well as a manager’s perspective.




"System Engineers are often very bright in terms of technical expertise, but often lack the sales skills needed to accelerate the sales process.  In other words, System Engineers often get excited by the features from the products they are trying to sell, and often forget to focus on their customer's real business needs...  Don't get me wrong:  Our System Engineers often win the deals, but they also often could close these deals faster, and some of our lost deals could have been won.  We needed our SE's to be more productive and efficient in fact!   


So, a colleague and I searched for a training program tailored to address that need.  And, to be honest, we were surprised, because we found out such a training program is really uncommon.  There were only a couple of training companies in the world at the time of our search that offered such a program.  Don't get me wrong:  many companies all over the world do have sales training of some sort, but only a couple of companies seemed to be interested in focusing on improving the specific sales skills from System Engineers rather than Account Managers.  Why does it matter so much?  Well simply because our System Engineers aren't sales people, properly speaking, but their job is essential to the sales process of High Tech companies.  They don't need to get the same skills as Account Managers, but need to acquire some SE specific sales skills to close the technical side of a deal as fast as possible.   


Only a couple of programs in the world seemed to address our (very) specific need.  SEskills was one of those.   


We are extremely satisfied with SEskills. 170 System Engineers went through the program, and the feedback we continue to get from them and their managers has been excellent."  




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In June of 2014 reorganized the company.  It is now split into two entities.  One focued on base line IP development and the new entity Sales Consulting Enterprises, on how that IP is delivered to the customer.  The principals of what is now Sales Consulting Enterprises have been an integral part of for nearly a decade.  The reorganization allows us to provide a greater degree of flexibility in customizing our content to better serve our mutual customers' needs.



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