Customer Quote
"With most training, you resign yourself to the fact that taking away 4-5 'gems' is acceptable.  The SEskills training blows the doors off that expectation!  From the opening comments through the wrap-up, this training was packed with practical take-aways specifically designed for SEs."
"What I learned in the last two days completely changes the way I approach my job and my customers.  I wish I had taken this program when I first entered sales."
  • Is it Real

    • Validate business qualification

    • Quantify the business pain

    • Can the prospect "do nothing"

  • Can we win it

    • Technical assessment / fit

    • Quantify & rank decision criteria

  • Is it worth it

    • What is the decision process

    • What is the evaluation plan

    • What are the alternatives

    • Stakeholder Profiling

      • Role, power, risk, personality

  • Demos

  • Presentations

  • POC's

  • etc.

Two parallel sales-cycle threads

  • Business decision cycle

  • Solution decision cycle

SE takes responsibility for soution decision

Graphical Modelling of stakeholders, their roles and relationships


 Delivery Format 


The delivery format leverages actual opportunities your team is currently pursuing. In this very interactive program, SEs put the best practices they learn to immediate use.  They document and bring a current sales opportunity to class. After each module, the best practices are applied to their opportunity. Coming out of the training they will have developed a gap analysis and a “Solution Close” plan with peer group participation to go back into the field with.


Post-training we can work with you to develop a custom plan to define success metrics, determine how best to operationalize SEskills best practices in the field and measure results on an on-going basis.



SE Benefits 

Business Discovery
SEs will get better at uncovering and quantifying business pain.
Stakeholder Profiling
SEs will become more effective at identifying key solution decision stakeholders.
Decision Criteria
SEs become more effective at uncovering, quantifying and ranking decision criteria.
SEs are better able to map capabilities to benefits, to stakeholder specific value.
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SE Management Benefits

Sales-cycle Mgmt.
SEskills provides a framework for easier sales-cycle management.
You will benefit from more effective teaming between SEs and Reps.
Pipeline Quality
Better discovery means a higher quality pipeline.
SEskills provides tools to help standardize communication and collaboration.
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If you would like a detailed review of SEskills with one our staff to see how it might fit within your organization, please fill in the message form below. Still want more info before you engage with us?  Just go to the resources section and send us a password request.  Inside you will find a detailed overview of SEskills among others.  We look forward hearing from you! 


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